Real Estate Seminars

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Having trained and consulted with hundreds of real estate agents over my career, I offer a variety of seminar topics to help agents market and grow their businesses.



Boost Your Listings and Your Business

  • How to make your listings stand out using different property marketing

  • Optimizing your listing to capture the most buyers

  • Review of the property marketing landscape - what is available and what actually makes sense to use at different listing prices


Generating Reviews and Referrals

  • Understanding the fundamentals of a sales mindset - Sandler Sales Training snippets

  • Calling your past clients with scripts provided

  • How to establish a system for online review generation with email scripts provided

  • The recommended profiles and websites to have your reviews on


Marketing Tools to Differentiate your Business

  • Overview of the best marketing software to differentiate your business

  • Examples of how to implement and successfully use various marketing tools


Creating Powerful Digital Presentations with Adobe Spark

  • Involves going through and creating a digital listing presentation from scratch using Adobe Spark

  • Sample language and structure for the presentation provided but agents can have their own language (or replace later)

  • A library of royalty-free images for agents to use is provided

  • Recommended hyperlinks to showcase individual agent's skill set are shared

  • Ultimately, create differentiation through listing of services and how they benefit clients


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